Piano Lessons 1 of 3 – Music Theory Foundations

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From http://www.PlayPianoTODAY.com , this is video 1 of 3 taken from the first 20 minutes of the online Piano Lessons course titled “Pattern Piano and Keyboard”.


Joyce 31202 says:

The Alfred's Piano course explains the playing of the piano by relating white keys to the black ones as per this video. It's in book form for those of us who want examples on paper. This is a good video.

Caltor says:

Hey man, just wanna thank you for this so far!

Helps SO much!

Brent Hutchinson says:

you've done it…made it easy for idiots like me to understand. Bravo!

Marck .Ggmail says:

Really good teacher, very helpful great video, Mexico City

Mavi Avila says:

I love it. The way that he teach how to play piano is amazing. Thank you

Sandy Banks says:

I learned to play the piano with a teacher who whacked my fingers when I hit wrong notes and it left me with no desire to learn… I quit after three years. Now in my 70's I've decided to turn that negative experience around and start learning again… thanks for being such a patient teacher!!

drphoto says:

You make it so easy, and take the fear out of learning. Thanks. Going to your site now to order.

Gabriel Ravi says:


naeem abrahani says:

Can`t thank you enough for your lessons.

Fidel 2Point0 says:

This video is awesome! I'm a producer and I've been playing by ear (Blindly), but I'm learning the importance of notes and chord structure.This video is really helpful Thanks so much.

Micheline Lacroix says:

You are amazing to show us – bravo!!! and thank you!!!!

mario urbina says:

Mr. David can you tell me if you have a book for all these lessons or something related?

PlayPianoTODAY.com says:

O my goodness – that really makes me happy. Tell your daughter that I hope she has a very fun time with the piano zoo and becoming a great musician! 🙂

Marisa Fera-Sanfelice says:

Perfect! Thanks for explaining everything so well, I think it really stuck this time!

Diane Bailey says:

This is great…I always wanted to play piano; I took lessons but never finish because I lost my focus. I am a praise and worship singer as well as a Gospel Artist. The Lord always gives me melodies in my spirit and I am writing songs as well. It is hard to explain to musicians what you want and 9 times out of ten it's not what I want. I am so happy I came across your YouTube teaching. It is the best so far, I will stay focus for the New Year!!! Thanks

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