Piano Lessons for Beginners: Part 1 – Getting Started! Learn some simple chords

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Course playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP9cbwDiLzdL6IS4-rmzR42ghq3T56XnK

Did you just buy your first keyboard and have no idea how to get started? Then you’ve come to the right place! In this mini-series I’m going to cover all of the basic concepts and teach you how to jumpstart your piano or keyboard playing career. Emphasis is on practical lessons with real-life applicability, aimed at pop/rock musicians.

In this video I’ll be covering how to name notes, and then present some essential chords which will get you started: C major, F major, G major and A minor.

Next lesson we’ll work on your accompaniment skills, so stay tuned! I plan on releasing a new video about once a month.

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ANGELofDEATH uk says:

Nice tutorial buddy, a little slower would be better for begginners. Very clear and easy to understand

Cardin Tran says:

What program are you using to record the piano and track the sustain pedal?

Peter-Emil Hornemann Carstensen says:

Finally a good fucking tutorial

The Speak Easy says:

The novice player would assume a “C chord” the first note would be C then E then G. You played the G note first which is lower than the next G up the keyboard. There has to be some logic on what note you should play first. If not you could have played a “C chord” starting on the E note. That can’t be right. Enlighten us….

Khari says:

Were you playing john lennon?

Khari says:

Whats the significance in playing the c cord from the root position, vs how you played it?

Rick morrison says:

Why do you play the cord in the first inversion position instead of the root position ie C cord. I’d play CEG not G-EC?

Jen Savoia says:

You call this how to play the piano easy

I Guess says:

Your piano is bigger then mine i only have 61 keys and i dont know which c is which

XXDOJ says:

Anyone got an ad about this

Johnpeter Vilton says:

I can not do like you??????????

Dukefazon says:

I still have to figure out why is the naming convention as it is. The letter and major-minor makes no sense so far for me. Good video though, I think I'll check them all out.

xx xx says:

This is useless. I just got a keyboard and this is the 10th video that is useless to me. All I want is to learn a song NOT THE CORDS. I don't care about the cords.

Kamil Hakim says:

I'm a guitar player. Can someone explain how piano is played in terms of strumming and fingerpicking as in guitar? Would really help me understand better.

Johnpeter Vilton says:

Ho is in 2018

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