Silver Birch Tree – Piano Lesson 51 – Hoffman Academy

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Swazzyxchloe vlogs says:

Oh my godness. This really helped! Thank you so much. I hope you reply. You're really inspiring. Thanks again Mr Hoffman.

Somraj Gayen says:

Sir 🙏, I’m from India 🇮🇳. I want to know that How does the key signature define that this is in Dmin scale ??? I mean I’m confused about this key signature. I’m getting hard to identify the scale of this staff. Kindly make me understand about the Key Signature. Thank you 🙏.😊


It’s so sad!



Swapna Devi Duddakunta says:

Lovely song!

WiZ says:

Can u explain why you know this song written in D minor when playing these very first notes ? Are there any rule or just experience ?Thanks

ιтzмιĸe plαyz says:

Amazing! Thanks Mr. Hoffman! I watch your piano tutorial lessons everyday! :]

Elizelle Mapili says:

Your mking me sleepy chef

Elizelle Mapili says:

Is t christian?

Elizelle Mapili says:

Sounds christian

Gabriel Bulmez says:


I really like the part at the beggining and I listened to the notes mostly to play it. I’m wondering though, at the third verse, when singing “sheppard”, the right hand plays a G, a D and is it also the B flat there?

Dr. Raheela Bilal Shaikh says:

At 7:31 I saw the difference

WitzUnKnown says:

i shed a few tears while listening 🙂

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