Slow-blues piano lesson. Ever played these chords?

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Learn surprising chords & licks in my latest slow-blues piano lesson.
Check my playlists with famous blues songs & blues-piano lessons:
Sheet music & midi files:
„By far the most gifted teacher on the internet!“ Henry Davis

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Stephen Brunette says:

The best blues piano tutorials on YouTube!!!…Thank You Sir!!!

Велимир Утин says:

Amazing !!!

M. Hendrixe says:

Nowadays there's bitcoins on the internet. Supposed to be currency, replacing money. Well screw that: I prefer the musical jewels Christian provides us with on a regular basis!

bouscarle says:

It'd be nice to get sheet with all your great tutos because it's not so easy for a truly beginner.

Anton Maria Comadran says:

Mil gràcies!!!

Boogie Woogie Lake Girl says:

Thank you, great tutorial!

David Friedman says:

In the original recording of Watermelon Man by Herbie Hancock from the early 60s the solo is really simple and he uses that counter octave thing and some of these Technics in the context of the song.

Benjamin Morris says:

YESSS! Great lesson yet again. Thank you 🙂

Jean Affleck says:

Thank you Christian, you are so good. Blues are so interesting.

Ton says:

It's getting colder in Berlin, no more short pants 😂

Donald Vigil says:

Christian…. I think you missed your calling….you could have been a great comedian…lol…but we need your piano skills so much more 👍👍

Paul Speidell says:

The good news: Wonderful lesson! The bad news: French fries are cold!

Steve Roberts says:

Tail is good……LOL

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