Stuart’s Piano Lesson

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I love Stuart!

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S James says:

VOTE STUART & DOREEN 2020 ! Make America SANE again ! (btw, assuming she can play too, I think Stuart & Doreen should've both played 'Heart and Soul', after the tutor ran out…that would've been hilarious !)

Diego Van Buggenhout says:

The best thing is the twist. Modern SNL will always keep the same joke, in SNL Stuart would keep playing the piano badly with his mother around. Here he suddenly plays the piano good with her around. That's a good twist

Betty Cattuse says:

What a creepy kid Chucky ! Horrible kid sad is. True for lots of kids on medication !

DOCxHOLLIDAY559 , says:

"(Gasp) what's in it for Stuart ?" ??

i am Aten! says:

Mrs Larcan or Larson was gradually becoming the main character.
It would be great if there were an entire season to watch like a 1,2 or 3…etc.
Its like a box of little Debbie's there's never enough in the box.?

Hairy Tim says:

Cnn ,steltlzer

The Beldam says:

5:56 always kills me, omg

Michael G says:

SNL is just so tired and repetitive. This was always so fuckin funny. Great acting. Daring skits.

Just incredible stuff. We need another MadTV

Michael G says:

This is one of the best Stewart skits.

“Stewart Douglas you are just fresher than bread!”

Suezin Schneider says:

3:40 and 3:51 are me on Monday

Alissa Buzbee says:

I love it when it he tricks his mom! Its so hillarios!???

Alissa Buzbee says:

His evil voice is so funny!

MVP TMP says:

"Catapult launch"?

Courtney Mandamin says:

Guess he did it lmao!

Richard Hutchison says:

Stuart Douglas Larkin: AKA genius!

Drake Kay says:

4:12 OMG that is the best interaction I have ever seen Stuart do with one of his "Service providing adults".

Drake Kay says:

2:13 He skips right past the scales to a decently difficult piece! Fantastic!

Drake Kay says:

1:36 Ultimatums are abusive… Damn straight!!!!

Drake Kay says:

I just love his moms voice!! "Well, you must be Mr Tuttle."

The Wanderer says:

Beetoven,"Moonlight Sonata.."Peace.

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