Swing like the pros! Swing Groove #1 Piano Lesson by Jonny May (All Playing Levels)

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Are you ready to swing like Oscar Peterson, Duke Ellington, and Count Basie?!? 🎶 Today, I’m going to show you one of the coolest swing grooves you’ll ever learn – I call it Swing Groove #1

In this lesson, you’ll learn:

– The Super Catchy Melody
– The Turnaround Progression
– 3 Ways to Approach the Groove (Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced)

Whether you want to use this as filler material or the basis of a song, this is one of the most useful grooves you’ll ever learn as a jazz pianist.

If you enjoy jazz swing music, we have 17 full-length courses (1-2 hours) where we do a deep dive on different aspects of swing music, including harmony, rhythm, improvisation, arranging, and more.

Our members get unlimited access to all these courses, plus we add new courses every single month.

Thanks for watching, and see ya in the next Quick Tip!

Your teacher,
Jonny May

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Naranja Socialista says:

Jonny: there you have, begineer's sheet.
Begineers: i can't read sheets music.
Jonny: …

brutal hamster says:

Your lessons are awesome!👏👏👏

The Real Nobark Noonan says:

god bless you

Divinii says:

First time here!

Loved this tutorial! 😸

I’m going to attempt to write something in jazz.

daniel pardenilla says:

How do you do your improvisational solos on the advanced part? Do you have a tutorial about it?

daniel pardenilla says:

Do you have a link to the backing track of this song?

Robbie Koers says:

great thanks a lot!

Synth says:


jeremias armada says:

Thank you so much jonny

Francesco Manfredi says:

Great tutorial as always! Is there any rule of thumb to break up chords for the two hands as you did in the advanced part? Thanks

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