The Entertainer Section 1 piano lesson

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Learn and memorize the 1st section (and 3rd -they’re the same-) of Scott Joplin’s “The Entertainer” by working 2 measures at a time. Get the music and other details at

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Francois Paris says:

Can’t find part 4& 5?

The Dingwall says:

I'm a beginner, this is the first piece I'll learn, and I have the FUCKING BALLS to learn this composition. I will update this comment to report my progress (CURRENT DATE: 7/6/18)

angel Irene Crim says:

Wow !!!!! Thank You

David Partyka says:

Greate walkthrough. Thanks for the extra fingering details!

Leo Quito says:

Excellent tutorial! I really appreciate you breaking down to a beginner level like me can easily follow. Thank you so much!!

jkristia2011 says:

Thank you very much for this tutorial.

Mardi Kovacs says:

This is an amazing video! I never thought I could play this song even if I wanted to but your video broken it down perfectly. Thanks a lot!

Bei Bei Miao says:

Thank you so much

Chuwy says:


nik ande says:

i have no piano but im trying to learn i have a piano at school

Eileen Harder says:

I tried to print out the sheet music off your site, it printed but left out the ledger lines a bit, so it is very confusing. Is there another site with the same music notation that I can print?

dhon barone says:

great tutorial☺thx alot

Remy J. says:

Thank you, this is genius!

Eddie T says:

Do you plan on teaching Maple Leaf Rag? I would gladly pay for that lesson, as I'm quite sure others would as well.

Farah Lemkova says:

Thank you very much for this lesson, Im always half way done to finish this! , You inspire me to continue study piano! Please keep this up!, Also May I request for Rondo alla turca?

Eddie T says:

I just don't understand WHY your tutorial has garnished no comments. You break it down perfectly! Thanks!

Pickey Jr says:

fantastic [:

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