The Girl from Ipanema – Piano Bossa Lesson by Antoine Hervé (en)

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The Girl from Ipanema – Piano Bossa Lesson by famous jazz pianist Antoine Hervé (English dubbing). Sheet music available here:
For far more complete courses, please check here:


Thúy Aiko says:

been looking for the right cover and this was it!

P. Lee says:

this guy does not know how to play jazz

pnojazz says:

Antoine, we deeply appreciate you making this wonderful lesson available. Merci!

Ludvig Sturaeus says:

I've been working on this quite some time now! Its so fun!
Check it out :

Ludvig Sturaeus says:

You sir are a true soul this the best girl from ipanema piano version i have ever heard! Thank you

Darcy Botelho says:

Muito Bom!, Garota de Ipanema!

Thomas Siegel says:

This is easily the best free piano lesson I've found. Thank you!

Mr.Kumis says:

let him talk and put subtitles boom
dubbing is stupid

Dimitris Kark says:

What a great musician & teacher. Thank you very much

LaHadaPequena says:

Merci à vous! Maintenant c'est très simple et clair!!!?

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