Why You Should Learn to Play Classical Piano Pieces

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In this lesson, we are talking about why you should learn to play classical music on piano. There are many benefits to learning pieces by Beethoven, Haydn, and Bach and I will break them down for beginner piano players. Learning classical music is something that every student needs in my opinion.




Fog says:

These are differences in modern and classical. You don’t give any evidence to explain why you should START with classical in fact most of your your evidence is that you should learn classical at some point. You suggest starting with the most difficult process, which is counter intuitive. Have you considered that you are only propagating established thought processes without analysing why you are doing them?

David Canes says:

An interesting rationalization. From personal experience as a child being forced to play classical piano (and hating it)… then discovering a love for jazz/blues as an adult, I don't think back and say "I'm so glad I did that, it was challenging and gave me a great technical foundation." Instead I think, "What a load of #*$& – I wish I could go back and use all those hours to play music I'd actually have loved, learned improvisation, chord structure, theory, and ear training while I was young. What a waste of time." I respect your reasons, but I'm afraid in my opinion the reality is simply a perpetuation of "that's how I learned, that' s what I'm going to teach."

Pham Max says:

I have been learning to play the keyboard (just 49 keys) with just memorizing the melody and play it by ears until I see your channel and decided to save up for a piano 😀 Thanks for doing great video lessons like this.

tom jones says:

Me gusta sus videos!!!

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